GOP sends out fundraising e-mail -- in Pelosi's name

National Republican Congressional Committee pokes fun at House Speaker, unemployment numbers

Published February 17, 2010 9:26PM (EST)

Apparently, the National Republican Congressional Committee feels that when it comes to their fundraising message, the best person to make the pitch is a Democrat, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And they're not entirely wrong.

On Wednesday afternoon, the NRCC sent supporters a fundraising e-mail with a twist. The e-mail went out under Pelosi's name, and from the subject line -- "Don't have a job? Don't worry." -- on it was no-holds-barred.

Sure, the rhetoric in the e-mail may be more than a little bit over the top, considering such gems as, "A few years ago when Republicans were in control of Congress, we all needed a job, because the government was not trying to control all aspects of your personal and professional life." But this is the kind of thing that's bound to get supporters opening up their wallets. It's also a preview of what is likely to be a very effective message for the GOP this year, one about a lack of jobs and the Democratic majority's failure to quickly rein in unemployment. (Whether that would have been possible even if they'd done the best possible job on the stimulus and other items is, of course, a secondary concern -- this is politics.)

A screenshot of the full e-mail is below.

By Alex Koppelman

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