Italian TV chef: Cats are a "delicacy"

Plus, Colbert's fondue pong, a Canadian paean to milk bags, and more of this week's must-see food videos

Published February 26, 2010 6:27PM (EST)

  • The strangest food news story of the day comes from Italy, where state-run RAI TV has suspended Beppe Bigazzi, a 77-year-old Italian cooking show host, for waxing poetically about a supposed Tuscan delicacy: cat stew. The footage has made its way onto YouTube, and even if you don’t speak Italian, the horrified reaction of the show’s host pretty much says everything you need to know about what’s happening. According to the AP’s translation, Bigazzi began his segment by saying, "Who’s not fat, kills the cat" before going on about how "Cat, soaked for three days in the running water of a stream ... comes out with its meat white," before assuring viewers, "I have eaten it many times -- ... it is a delicacy."

  • Yesterday, I wrote about the growing popularity of milk bags around the world. CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi, the host of Q and the man on the receiving end of Billy Bob Thornton’s bizarre on-air outburst, recently recorded his own delightful paean to the carton-alternative. Check it out below:

  • In a sneak preview for Jamie Oliver’s upcoming "Food Revolution," the British host quizzes some children in Huntington, W.Va., about their vegetable-identification skills. The result is as infuriating as it is adorable -- my heart goes out to the kid who mistakes the eggplant for "egg salad."

  • When Stephen Colbert was in Vancouver this week, he paid a visit to the various houses celebrating the dining and drinking delicacies of competing countries. So far, most of Colbert's "Vancouverage" has been ho-hum, but this trip to the Swiss House was a genuine and surprisingly confrontational treat -- ending, as it does, with a heated game of fondue pong.


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  • On Feb. 8, our own Francis Lam joined other food writers and editors – Gabriella Gershenson from Time Out New York, Brian Halweil of Edible Magazines, and Nick Fauchald of Tasting Table – to discuss the future of food journalism. Culintro has put together a concise little video about the event that’s worth watching – especially if you’d like to witness Francis pontificate about online journalism while wearing a very stylish gray sweater.

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