The Food Lift: Milk's weird new viral campaign

Plus: Jamie Oliver stages world's lamest flash mob, sushi in space, and more of this week's must-see food videos

Published March 5, 2010 6:01PM (EST)

  • This infomercial, for a device called the Food Lift, which "works on the same principle as a waiter climbing a spiral staircase," has been making the rounds over the last few days. The Food Lift purees food and conveys it up a penis-like tube into a person's mouth, a simple and classy way to avoid exhausting yourself with cutlery or light lifting. While it's hard to tell, the video is actually part of a viral ad campaign for milk -- hence all the references to milk's weakness-fighting properties -- but that doesn’t take away from its bizarro brilliance, especially the part with the blueberry pie money shot.

  • In the seemingly endless buildup to the premiere of Jamie Oliver’s "Food Revolution" television show, another clip has found its way onto YouTube, and it’s a doozy. Apparently, in an effort to raise awareness of healthy eating, Oliver and company staged the world’s most awkward flash mob on the campus of a Southern university -- a stunt involving hip-hop, portable burners, dancing, stir-frying, and Oliver clapping self-consciously from the side of a fountain.

  • Ever wondered how to make sushi in zero gravity? Of course you have! In this NASA video, Japanese astronaut and sushi enthusiast Soichi Noguchi demonstrates how to make hand-rolled salmon sushi while floating around the International Space Station.

  • Food Network chef Paula Deen isn’t exactly known for creating healthy recipes, but this segment from her show (which has been passed around before, but was recently featured on Food Network Humor) in which she sandwiches meat, eggs and bacon between two doughnuts to create a "lady’s brunch burger," is such a stomach-churning nadir that I almost want to try it myself.

  • Yet more proof of the extent to which drug culture managed to insinuate itself into the American mainstream in the late '60s: This disturbing 1969 iHop commercial has been going viral over the past week. Yes, that music is really supposed to be that creepy -- and no, you shouldn't fight the urge to drop some acid and take your family out for pancakes. 

By Thomas Rogers

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