Spitzer: Sex for pay the lesser evil

The ex-governor explains why he chose prostitutes over an affair

Published March 5, 2010 12:05AM (EST)

A New York Post article so sensitively headlined, "Eliot Spitzer: Why I liked ho's," alerted me to a Time magazine interview with the disgraced ex-governor that holds one hell of a quote. When asked why he chose to visit prostitutes, as opposed to having a regular old vanilla affair, Spitzer said: "I know this is parsing it very thin, but the emotional component would have in some ways been a worse violation." Oh, so you paid women to have sex with you because it would be a lesser emotional betrayal to your wife? What a saint!

I don't actually disagree with the idea of emotional affairs being more disturbing than physical ones -- at least for women, as studies have shown that men are more disturbed by sexual straying -- but give me a break. I do not for one second believe that Spitzer's predilection for prostitutes, and allegedly "dangerous" sex with said prostitutes, was a result of a moral and philosophical calculation. Here's hoping Mrs. Spitzer hasn't fallen for that pathetic line.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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