Kelly Cutrone: Show me the vibrators!

The star of "Kell on Earth" convinces Bravo to air her sex shop visit

By Tracy Clark-Flory
March 6, 2010 5:30AM (UTC)
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When Kelly Cutrone found out that her recent visit to a Babeland store wasn't slated to air on her reality TV show "Kell on Earth," she "went to the mat with the powers that be" at Bravo, reports the sex toy company's blog. As with most everything, the People's Revolution powerhouse got her way. Cutrone explains: "Our show is about women and power, and now housewives are going to watch me shopping for sex toys, and see it as a fun and celebratory thing." No need to wait until the episode airs, though -- below, you can catch a glimpse of her vibrator quest. (Warning: The following video may be envy-inducing, given the way she drops 150 bucks on the SaSi, a toy that could inspire objectum sexuality in even serious vibrator-phobes.)

Tracy Clark-Flory

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