Officer: D.C. gunman's face warned of trouble

Pentagon police officer says he saw gunman John Patrick Bedell's intentions on his face before he took action

Published March 8, 2010 10:24PM (EST)

A Pentagon police officer who confronted gunman John Patrick Bedell said the look on Bedell's face betrayed his intentions in the moments before the shooting.

Officer Marvin Carraway was the first to face Bedell on Thursday night outside the Pentagon. Carraway and Officer Jeffery Amos both were shot, suffering minor injuries. Bedell was fatally wounded when the officers returned fire.

Bedell said nothing before opening fire, but Carraway told The Associated Press in an interview Monday that he recognized the look in Bedell's eyes as a signal of danger, giving him a few moments to find cover and then take aim at the gunman.

Bedell left behind a stream of anti-government rants; family members say he was mentally ill.

By Matthew Barakat

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