House votes to probe leaders over Massa

Ethics committee will try to determine what top Dems knew, and when they knew it

By Alex Koppelman
March 12, 2010 12:10AM (UTC)
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So far, the scandal surrounding former Rep. Eric Massa, D-N.Y., hasn't turned into a problem for other House Democrats, the way that former Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., became a millstone around the neck of his fellow Republicans in 2006. But the GOP would like to change that.

On Thursday afternoon, the House voted overwhelmingly in favor of opening an investigation into what Democratic leaders and staffers knew about harassment allegations against Massa. House Minority Leader John Boehner had introduced the resolution that calls for the investigation not long before.


The vote went 404-2 in favor of the bill; the no votes came, oddly enough, from Republicans, Reps. Timothy Johson and Dana Rohrabacher.

Alex Koppelman

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