Lady Gaga's "Telephone": A healthcare manifesto

Slide show: A frame-by-frame deconstruction of the video's secret insurance agenda

Published March 17, 2010 11:18PM (EDT)

Ever since Lady Gaga's latest music video, "Telephone," debuted last week, critics have been tripping over themselves to offer insight on its meaning. The award for most bizarre commentary, however, goes to the Atlantic's "culture channel," where writer Aylin Zafar promises "a frame-by-frame analysis" of the nearly 10-minute video.

"Telephone" (a video that is NSFW, much like some images in this slideshow) isn't exactly crying out for this kind of English-class analysis, unless that class is doing a unit on Fun Dance Videos that Want to Sell You Stuff. But if we're going to lend meaning to this story, why not make the subtext something that matters?

I present "Telephone," Lady Gaga's hot new argument for the passage of the Obama health care bill.

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By Jenn Kepka

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