Arctic animals doing better, but not close to pole

Report states that Arctic animals are living well, with the glaring exception of those near the North Pole

Published March 17, 2010 7:03PM (EDT)

A new report says the overall number of animals in the Arctic has increased over the past 40 years ago. But critters who live closest to the North Pole are disappearing substantially.

A report by the United Nations and other groups released Wednesday concludes that birds, mammals and fish have increased by about 16 percent since 1970. That's mostly because of decades-old hunting restrictions. The number of geese have about doubled. Marine mammals, such as certain whales, are also rebounding.

However, species in what is called the High Arctic dropped by a quarter. Study author Louise McRae said that was most worrisome. She said North American caribou are down about one-third.

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