Fighting a hate crime bill with hate

A "pro-family" group says a ban on gender discrimination means the rise of scary "men in skirts"

Published March 18, 2010 11:01AM (EDT)

You gotta love it: An extremist political group is campaigning against a hate crimes bill with a hateful undercover video that only proves the need for just such a measure. Mass Resistance, a "pro-family action center" in Massachusetts, recently went undercover with a video camera at a transgender conference with the intention of documenting the horrors that would allegedly be introduced with the passage of a state bill outlawing gender-based discrimination and hate crimes. The supposedly damning evidence: Footage of transgender women using the ladies' restroom.

The video shows various people entering the women's restroom along with a captioned play-by-play: "A huge man about to use the women's restroom" and "This fellow almost hits his head on the door frame," for example. It isn't just the bathroom issue, though -- they're also concerned about transgender women trapping young girls in small public spaces. The video explains that "several young girls were seen [at the conference] in the company of transgender men" and then footage is shown of a young girl getting into an elevator with a transgender woman, which is supposed to be scary, I guess? The absurd implication seems to be that transgender women are really just male pedophiles dressing up in women's clothing to catch their female victims unawares. (Apparently transgender men are entirely irrelevant to the debate.)

You can watch their shoddily edited video (via Carnal Nation) below -- or you can just skip it and generally feel better about humankind.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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