Jessica Simpson bares it all

The singer goes without makeup or retouching on the cover of Marie Claire

Published April 7, 2010 7:10PM (EDT)

 (© Splash)
(© Splash)

Jessica Simpson takes it all off -- well, everything but her clothes -- in the pages of Marie Claire. She's pictured on the May cover with no makeup, no airbrushing -- it's just bare-faced beauty. The attention-grabbing stunt is part of a promotional push for the singer's VH1 reality show, "The Price of Beauty," an exploration of global beauty standards, and the upcoming launch of her "A Beautiful Me" campaign for Operation Smile. She explains the photo shoot as the natural result of not having "anything to prove anymore." Being trashed by the tabloids for being "fat" after a weight gain of a couple of pounds could certainly make you feel that way.

The ironic outcome, though, is that it reminds us of just how supernaturally beautiful she is; she really doesn't have much to hide. I applaud her bravery, and the general message that the cover sends, but let's keep it in perspective: Simpson can go without the industry's reality-defying measures, but she still defies the average woman's reality.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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