Springtime for egg salad! Here are your best versions

Plus this week's challenge: Tax Day dinnertime reckoning

Published April 13, 2010 12:20AM (EDT)

Every week, your challenge is to create an eye-opening dish within our capricious themes and parameters. Blog your submission on Open Salon under your real name by Monday 10 a.m. EST -- with photos and your story behind the dish -- and we'll republish the winners on Salon on Tuesday. (It takes only 30 seconds to start a blog.) And yes, mashed potato sculpture counts as a dish. Emphatically.


Nikki Stern! For a short, poignant memory of annual visits to a great-aunt's home and discovering the secret to her delicate egg salad. (Recipe for Aunt Ray's Amazing Egg Salad included.)


In the Basics category:

Lucy Mercer, for recipes for mayonnaise, how to properly boil an egg, the requested gratuitous egg puns and all the rest of it, not to mention the purtiest pictures of radishes and eggs you ever done see! (Recipe for fundamental egg salad included.)

In the Super Savory category:

Fusun Atalay, for putting all my favorite things in her egg salad: mayo, capers, anchovies, fresh parsley ... be still my heart! (Recipe for Mediterranean Egg Salad included.)

In the Inspired by Dim Sum category:

Mamie Chen, with an intriguing version herby with cilantro and crunchy with water chestnuts. (Recipe for Agnostic Egg Salad included.)

In the Finger Sandwiches category:

Linda Shiue, for a when-life-hands-you-lemons moment, and for suggesting watercress and minced onion on crustless bread. Check out her gorgeous photo of eggs, too.

And, finally, in the Miracle Whip category:

Just Cathy, for, well, bringing out the Miracle Whip and other Midwestern delights. Someone had to! (Recipe for Mama's Midwestern Egg Salad included.)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


It's not really a seasonal holiday with attendant feasting, but hey, if there's a way to make Tax Day a fun day, it's to throw a dinner party!

So this week's challenge is two-sided. If you are bummed about what's going to happen to your money on the 15th, share with us your favorite cheap-as-possible dish. But for the happily refunded, let's see your best go-for-broke recipes. And, as always, we love a good story about your entry!

Be sure to tag your posts: SKC Tax Day

Scoring and winning

Scores will be very scientific, given for appealing photos, interesting stories behind your submissions, creativity, execution and cost estimates for your recipes.

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