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Great new stories from a publisher we greatly admire

Published April 15, 2010 12:20AM (EDT)

Today, Salon is proud to launch a new content partnership with McSweeney's, the little San Francisco publishing outfit with a very big cultural footprint. We'll be frequently running pieces and excerpts from the various McSweeney's divisions -- McSweeney's Quarterly Journal, the Believer, Wholphin and McSweeney's Books -- exclusively on Salon.com. The first piece is Elif Batuman's fascinating "Missed Encounters With the Movies," an excerpt from the Believer's Film Issue.

We're, frankly, thrilled about this. McSweeney's was founded as a literary journal back in 1998 by Dave Eggers, not long after his stint as an editor at a very young Salon.com (an association we've always relentlessly bragged about). McSweeney's immediately became a title devoted not only to publishing some of our finest living writers, but to highlighting emerging writers we'd never heard of -- but needed to -- and to publishing brilliant, underappreciated writers not really given their due. The quality and principles at the core of McSweeney's are something we're extremely proud to showcase and partner with; we know you'll be excited about the great pieces, too.


By Kerry Lauerman

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