Cupcakes to put hair on your chest

New York's Butch Bakery offers up testosterone-soaked sweet treats

Published April 19, 2010 8:50PM (EDT)

Macarons and cake balls may be poised to take the title of "Dessert of the Moment," but Team Cupcake isn't down for the count just yet -- meet its newest contender: New York City's Butch Bakery. When David Arrick, who lost his job as a Wall Street lawyer last year, read an article describing cupcakes as "pink, sweet, cute, and magical," he took it as a call to arms. Now he's making a killing doing dessert for dudes. The cupcakes are decorated with chocolate disks in camo print and wood grain designs instead of sprinkles and -- heaven forbid -- pink frosting. They come in flavors like Beer Run (a chocolate beer cake topped with pretzels) and the oddly sexual Jackhammer, which promises to "rock your world."

Plenty of customers have had their worlds rocked over the past few months -- the website has even crashed from too many visitors. Arrick expects a deluge of orders for Father's Day, and there are plans to expand the delivery service to a storefront soon. I could ponder what the Butch Bakery's success says about anxious masculinity, but I'm too busy checking out the Driller. Maple cake with milk chocolate ganache and crumbled bacon? I can proudly say that I am sufficiently curious, hungry, and secure in my femininity to eat that cupcake.

By Jamie Kapalko

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