U.S. soldiers remake "Telephone"

In a happy-making viral video, troops stationed in Afghanistan bust out Lady Gaga's wild dance moves

Published April 30, 2010 8:31PM (EDT)

It's time for a dancing break, courtesy of some Lady Gaga-loving American troops based in Afghanistan who have remade the pop star's hit music video "Telephone." Behold: Strapping soldiers in combat boots and fatigues clapping their hands and wiggling their hips in a meticulous recreation of Gaga's bizarre dance moves. This isn't the begrudging performance of a bunch of tough guys who lost a bet; these dudes are letting loose and having fun, and it is a lovely sight to see. My favorite moment comes at the 2:48 mark -- you just try not to smile at this man's jolly gyrations. My only complaint (purely in the interest of accurate artistic recreation): Fellas, where are the diamond-encrusted thongs?

As the video's description on YouTube says: "Prepare yourself for a fantastical journey."

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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