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You liberals are so inconsistent with your socialism and what-not

Published April 30, 2010 10:15PM (EDT)

Earlier today, I challenged you to out-do Jonah Goldberg's most insightful reader. That unnamed hero pronounced it "striking" that The Left abhors Arizona's new immigration law, but doesn't hate Iran enough to satisfy him. Many of War Room's finest comparers-of-unrelated-things responded with their own damning indictments of the twisted liberal mindset.

Many of your submissions were very sincere! Some of your submissions were too correctly ironic! (Like, "Isn't is striking how Democrats love their Prius yet support saving jobs at GM?" from Bert.) They lacked the nonsensical flair of connecting disapproving of racial profiling to not wanting to nuke Iran.

This one, from Luke, nails it:

Isn't it striking how liberals have been howling at Alabama Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Jame's English-only-driver's-ed-test campaign ad even as they stand mutely by while their socialist president uses a teleprompter?

Good work, Luke. Your copy of my imaginary best-seller Leftist Cannibals From Idi Amin to Rachel Maddow is on the way. (Except it is not, because it is imaginary. Sorry!)

Honorable mentions to commenters: elpflasa, Democritus, wallofcheese, DcTuss, and JamieMc.

By Alex Pareene

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