Politico accuses Washington Post of turning liberal

They're hiring all the bloggers, so they must be!

Published May 5, 2010 10:15PM (EDT)

Ben Smith writes in Politico that the Washington Post is shifting "leftward." His evidence: They hired Ezra Klein, Greg Sargent, and (pro-life libertarian) David Wiegel. (And former Huffington Post news editor Katharine Zaleski.)

Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall suggests the story is an attack by Politico on a competitor. (Josh perhaps felt the same way when Politico ran this story about Talking Points Memo.)

It pains us to defend Politico, the DC-area niche newsletter that is actively making the nation a worse place. Especially because, with media reporter Michael Calderone having decamped to Yahoo, Politico's media coverage has gotten dumber and more petty (reflecting the machismo-soaked bragging editorial memos from Politico's founding fathers). But this particular piece is actually a decent, interesting, and fair look at something the Post is clearly experimenting with on the web.

In print the Post features the same mix of useless old "moderate" liberals, torture-apologist former Bush speechwriters, George Will, and Richard Cohen as always. (Oh, and Dana Milbank! He is so "snarky," that one. The kids love the "snark.")

By Alex Pareene

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