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Published May 13, 2010 12:20AM (EDT)

Well, folks, I tell ya, they rolled me into surgery on Dec. 17, 2009, and here I am sitting at Java Beach Cafe on May 12, 2010, exercising my sit-in-a-cafe-and-type muscle and preparing to resume writing my column. I'm going to write three days a week to start.

First off, as far as my own health, let me say that the chordoma tumor I had removed is a slow-growing cancer that metastasizes only with great reluctance, so my chances for long-term survival are excellent.

Nevertheless I've been through some rough medical stuff. I've lost sacral nerves S3 through S5. That means I've lost some functions physically, which I may regain in time as nerves reroute and mysteriously adapt. Meanwhile, I'm a hell of an adjuster.

I'm working on responses to letters now, so there should be material ready to go on Monday. And I have a research associate working with me now, who will be posting parallel pieces that provide factual background and occasionally expand on the issues raised in the column. That'll be nice.


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