Boston church to help find school for gays' son

8-year-old denied spot in one Catholic school due to lesbian parents, but church official says he can go to another

Published May 13, 2010 9:49PM (EDT)

The head of education for the Archdiocese of Boston has offered to help find a Catholic school for a boy denied acceptance at another one because his parents are lesbians.

Superintendent of Schools Mary Grassa O'Neill says she made the offer after speaking with a parent of the 8-year-old boy on Thursday.

The parent has remained anonymous to protect her son from publicity. She had no immediate comment.

The boy's acceptance into St. Paul Elementary School in Hingham (HING'-um) was rescinded Monday. The woman says a priest said her relationship was "in discord" with church teachings.

The Catholic Church believes only in marriage between a man and woman.

But O'Neill says archdiocesan schools don't bar children of same-sex parents. She says parents must understand church teachings are a key part of the school's curriculum.

By Jay Lindsay

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