Rebecca Traister talks about the tyranny of happiness

On Bloggingheads, the Salon senior writer discusses sex, GOP feminists and her recent cover story on contentment

Published May 17, 2010 7:09PM (EDT)

Salon's Rebecca Traister makes a visit to Bloggingheads to talk with (former Salon contributor) Michelle Goldberg, author of "The Means of Reproduction." The pair talk about Hanna Rosin's provocative Slate piece, "Is the Tea Party a feminist movement?," Emily Gould's memoir and some of the unintended consequences of sex-positive feminism. Also up for discussion is Traister's cover story for Salon, "Screw Happiness," about the conflicting messages women get about marriage and children. "Everybody's eager to tell you: Just you wait. You think you're happy now? Wait till you have kids," says Traister. 

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