Jonah Goldberg thinks Asians with AIDS are hilarious

Two-thirds of Asians in America have never been tested for HIV. What a laugh!

Published May 20, 2010 4:15PM (EDT)

Jonah Goldberg, the second-dumbest contributor to National Review Online's The Corner, has a wonderful sense of humor. He cracks up at 15-year-old jokes from The Simpsons, the concept of housing as a human right, and, apparently, the idea of Asian people with AIDS.

This is the entirety of a post he composed, presumably looked over, and then decided to publish on the website of the nation's most celebrated conservative magazine of ideas.

In Case You Missed It [Jonah Goldberg]

You have 364 days to plan for the next National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

If you follow the link, you learn that the purpose of yesterday's event was to raise awareness of HIV in communities where it's taboo to even talk about it. And because of that stigma, "one in three HIV-positive Asians and Pacific Islanders don't even know they have it."

So presumably Jonah Goldberg saw this story in his Google Reader or whatever, or maybe some tipster sent it to him, and he read the headline, and he thought to himself, haw haw haw a "day" for "awareness" of Pacific Islanders with AIDS, how stupid, and he fired off a a quick two lines on the subject without bothering to actually make a joke because he found the hilarity of the whole thing to be self-evident.

And then he wrote a much longer post, with some real thought in it, about the show about the lizard aliens versus the show about people who saw the future. (He is also, unsurprisingly, wrong about which one should've been canceled.)

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