More historic legislation Rand Paul wouldn't have supported

Is there any law aimed at correcting systemic injustices that Rand Paul doesn't hate?

Published May 20, 2010 9:45PM (EDT)

The liberal media continued its vicious assault on Rand Paul today by asking him simple questions about his political philosophy and "forcing" him to admit that his libertarianism would lead him to oppose popular and historic legislation.

Apparently, Wolf Blitzer just did that thing where he says the same thing over and over again, and this time the thing was asking Rand Paul if he would've voted for the Americans With Disabilities Act. Paul clearly would not have voted for the Americans With Disabilites Act (which isn't breaking news), though he declined to admit this outright.

When the ADA passed, in 1990, only six senators voted against it: Kit Bond, Jesse Helms, Jake Garn,  Gordon Humphrey, Steve Symms, and Malcolm Wallop. (Kit Bond is the only one of that group still actively ruining the nation in the Senate.)

As I said, it's not news that a libertarian wouldn't support the government forcing private business-owners to make their buildings accessible to people in wheelchairs or whatever other infringement on Liberty Rand is objecting to here. But Paul doesn't seem entirely comfortable explaining his philosophy to non-friendly media people! Why can't the gotcha journalists just leave Rand Paul alone and allow Kentucky to vote for him without understanding the implications of sending him to the Senate?

By Alex Pareene

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