Sharron Angle: Custodial work something "Americans don't do"

The Tea Party's preferred candidate in Nevada's GOP Senate primary suggests making beds is for immigrants

Published May 24, 2010 7:30PM (EDT)

Sharron Angle
Sharron Angle

(video below)

We're slowly learning more about Sharron Angle, the Tea Party-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate in Nevada who now leads  the GOP race to take on Majority Leader Harry Reid in the fall. 

For instance, Salon just came across this video, apparently posted by Angle's campaign, of Angle describing her childhood to a GOP town hall audience last September (starts at around the 1:50 mark):

We moved to the state of Nevada when I was three-and-a-half. My father bought a small business out in front of the convention center in Reno -- and it wasn't a convention center then; it was an onion field. His small business was a motel And so we did those things as a kid growing up that Americans don’t do. We cleaned bathrooms and made beds and swept floors, did laundry, those kinds of things.

By Mark Benjamin

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