My favorite comments on George W. Bush's new Facebook page

They like him. They appreciate him. They miss him

Published June 2, 2010 6:15PM (EDT)

Have you "liked" George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States, yet? Because 12,000 other people have!

And boy, do they miss him. (They also seem to think that this Facebook page was created and is being checked by Mr. Bush, personally.)

Let us take a look at some of his Wall posts:

I justfoundthis page. Do I just get to "Like" it, or can I actually "Friend" the big guy?

Well done, dude...well done.

Your administration was the 8 year bright spot between the years of the White House being treated like the local Hooters and now 4 long years of the Karl Marx/Saul Alinsky Black Panther Rally Hoe Down HQ. You were a class act and taught this country the meaning of honor, integrity and true leadership. You held your gro...und and had your reasons to do what you felt best for our country. I MISS YOU!!! This country is in serious trouble.

We want Pres GWB in person!! not second hand from an assistant. [2 people like this]

I miss a man with a soul in office!

Mr. President, while I have had many
disagreements with you regarding many of your fiscal and social efforts,
at least you kept us ALIVE to argue our differences!! God Bless you
and your family!

I hope Laura took your credit card. You spent money like a female in shoe store with unlimted credit LOL but you NEVER disrespected our Military or Country or Flag..I do miss you..Thank you for your service..

Welcome Pres. BUSH! I hope you realize there are MANY who appreciate the work both you and your Dad have done on behalf of this GREAT Nation! Though some mistakes were made, we know you meant what you thought was BEST for this Country, UNLIKE our "NEW" Pres. who seems hell-bent on DESTROYING our Nation, and our FREE wa...y of life! {ps-- just ignore Eric and others who do not know how to be civil...}

I am a republican and a Conservative. I was not a fan of the way you governed Mr. President......But I definately want to support your branching off into FB

Please don't have your farm pre-emptively attack my farm on Farmville. Sincerely, The Ghost of Saddam

And, finally, the best one:

Oh my goodness, look at all these white people!

By Alex Pareene

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