"Real" housewife Danielle Staub stars in sex tape

Star of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" allegedly knows the tape will be released

Published June 8, 2010 6:09PM (EDT)

The ever-classy ladies of Bravo's hit series of "Real Housewives" programs don't have trouble attracting attention, but this might be a bit much.  TMZ broke the story that Danielle Staub of the New Jersey cast is the main event in a new sex tape made after her show began filming.  Last year the 47-year-old mother of two blocked an ex-boyfriend from releasing a different,  years-old record of their naughty frolicking, but this fresh hell was purchased legally by Hustler, and they don't do "discreet."  E! Online talked to the folks at Hustler, if you care to understand how their business model dictates that they buy this stuff.

The X-rated footage will be up for pre-sale on Monday, and there's evidently 75 minutes of tape with which to burn our retinas.  The tape itself will be released June 24th-right in the middle of the current New Jersey season, and just a month after Staub's book "The Naked Truth" hit bookshelves.  Talk about synergy.

If you want to go there, Hustler is promoting the Staub tape, saying they'll have it tomorrow.  You'll want to preview the footage before you drop money on it, right?


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