ESPN Zone eateries closing down

Five of the seven Disney-owned restaurants will shutter their doors on June 16

Published June 9, 2010 10:10PM (EDT)

ESPN Zone in Chicago will shut down next week
ESPN Zone in Chicago will shut down next week

The Walt Disney Company has decided that only Southern California deserves to have access to over-priced sports memorabilia and boneless asian chicken wing-nugget-things.  Every ESPN Zone theme-restaurant is shutting down as of June 16, except for the Los Angeles and Anaheim branches.  Does this mean Disney's going to be taking the leftover food from every other store and using it to stock craft services at all the ABC summer TV shows?  Win "Wipeout," win a case of itty bitty slider buns! And some logo napkins!

The Wall Street Journal spent a few paragraphs on Disney's misfortune, as did The New York Daily News, which noted that the Times Square ESPN Zone is the setting for an actual ESPN television program.  Presumably that show will now film in Wayne's basement with Garth as lead camera man.  And the L.A. Times has been on the cheese-fried scent since earlier today and has the entire corporate statement from the ESPN hatchet man.  Sorry kids, now you'll have to go out and support your local economy instead of gold-plating Mickey Mouse's anatomically-suspect gloves.



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