Orly Taitz receives thousands more votes than Mickey Kaus

The Birther Queen is an order of magnitude more popular than the contrarian blogger

Published June 9, 2010 2:45PM (EDT)

Orly Taitz   (Reuters)
Orly Taitz (Reuters)

With 100% of precincts partially or fully reporting, War Room can officially declare Orly Taitz more popular and credible than Mickey Kaus. By a lot.

In her race for the GOP nomination for California secretary of state, Birther Queen Taitz, a dentist/attorney whose pet cause is filing frivolous lawsuits challenging the president's natural-born status, received 372,490 votes.

In his race to unseat Democratic US Senator Barbara Boxer, Kaus, a longtime blogger whose pet cause is hating unions and immigrants, received 94,298 votes.

Both, sadly, lost by wide margins. (Though Taitz received more votes than Republican Senate candidates Tom Campbell and Chuck DeVore.)

(Credit Dave Weigel for first deciding to compare the vote totals of our favorite insurgent politicians.)

By Alex Pareene

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