Reports: Top officials involved in Arlington Cemetery case to be fired

After Salon's yearlong investigation into the scandals, Army secretary expected to announce overhaul

Published June 10, 2010 5:11PM (EDT)

A yearlong investigation by into questionable management at Arlington National Cemetery is coming to a head today, as two top officials are expected to be fired.

Army Secretary John McHugh is set to release on Thursday the results of an investigation of Arlington that officials say found problems with keeping track of some burials. Various news outlets are also reporting that McHugh is replacing Arlington National's superintendent, John Metzler, and his deputy, Thurman Higgenbotham, who, as Salon had previously reported, had reportedly illegally hacked into the computer files of a former Arlington employee.

McHugh ordered an investigation by the Army inspector general in November following Salon's series, which exposed falsely marked graves, forgotten and misplaced remains of soldiers and a core systemic failure in the cemetery's management.

"This is the place where valor rests, a place of reverence and respect for all Americans," McHugh said when he ordered the probe. "As the final resting place of our nation's heroes, any questions about the integrity or accountability of its operations should be examined in a manner befitting their service and sacrifice."

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