Honey lemon granita recipe

Published June 14, 2010 5:01PM (EDT)


  • Lemons, freshly juiced
  • Water, 2-3 times the amount of lemon juice, to taste
  • Honey, to taste
  • Sugar, to taste (or dissolved in warm water to make syrup)
  • Whole mint leaves
  • Fruit preserves (optional)


  1. Though it's open to many interpretations, I add a little sugar, a few whole mint leaves, honey and some fruit preserves (I have blackberry) to a shallow Pyrex, filled with one part fresh lemon juice to two, three or more parts water, directly proportional to how awkwardly lemon makes your face squint.
  2. Swoosh it all around, plastic-wrap it, and set it in the freezer -- but don't forget it! Every half-hour or so, bring it out and take a peek. If it's starting to freeze, even just with a thin layer of ice over the top, take a fork and do some more swooshing. Agitate it; don't let it rest. The idea of granita is to let it freeze gradually into large, mashed-up crystals, rather than being left with an impenetrable block of ice. (Though a thirsty hand and a metal ice cream scooper work just fine if you do happen to forget it.)
  3. By the end of a three- to four-hour period, or once your juice is good and chunky, it's time for a final scraping and a scooping. Then, take it in your hands (OK, in a bowl) and lap up the tart, sticky crystals and sweet clusters of honey and fresh fruit, letting it all melt and trickle its über-Vitamin C goodness down your throat.
  4. Some like to top it off with ricotta, cream, more fresh fruit and/or something fizzy (I drizzle more honey), but whatever your preferred fixing -- or crop abundance -- a good scoop of ol' granita will keep you sated and inspired through the hazy days ahead.

By Jessie Cacciola

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