Russia, U.S. officials near adoption accord

Two months after mother sent back adoptive son, Moscow moves to allow Americans to adopt in the country again

Published June 17, 2010 12:45PM (EDT)

Russia's children's rights ombudsman says U.S. officials have agreed to the main provisions of a new agreement that would allow Americans to begin adopting Russian children again, but that more time is needed for technical details.

Adoptions in Russia became a highly emotional issue after a Tennessee adoptive mother sent her 7-year-old boy back to Russia unaccompanied in April. As a result, new adoptions by U.S. parents virtually stopped.

Children's rights advocate Pavel Astakhov said Thursday that U.S. negotiators have agreed to Russia's demand to make the agreement be retroactive so that it affects children already adopted and the adoptive parents.

Astakhov says U.S. officials will need time to coordinate the new agreement with the state laws.

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