Perez Hilton tweets another crotch-shot of Miley Cyrus

Wardrobe malfunction at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto gets spread around the web

Published June 22, 2010 6:23PM (EDT)

I'm going out on a limb here to say, "Ew." I don't need to know if a 17-year-old has a Brazilian, but to Perez Hilton it's one more way to get people hating him, loving him, and most importantly, clicking on him. A gallery of images from Miley Cyrus' recent performance at the Much Music Video Awards includes one in which her double stick tape lost its effectiveness and her unitard scooched where it shouldn't have. This image could've been lost in the ether, but Hilton tweeted a link to it with this caveat "Oh, #Miley! Warning: If you're easily offended, do NOT click here." Hilton also posted the picture on his own website.

Entertainment Weekly's Whitney Pastorek writes about the potential fallout, Reuters picked the picture up, too, and FOX News was appalled. The Vancouver Sun has a piece detailing Miley's transition from Disney to "pop tart" and a review of her Toronto performance. Check out her "Party in the USA:"


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