"The Passage": The next great video game?

The Salon Reading Club's second installment leads one reader to ask: Could Cronin's book be the next "Mass Effect"?

Published June 22, 2010 5:01PM (EDT)

After reading the first two sections, I think this book would make a great video game. Just as there are a lot of post-apocalyptic books out there, there are also a lot of post-apocalyptic video games. My two teenage sons love these types of games so I have seen plenty of them from "Left for Dead," "Mass Effect" and "Borderlands," and many more.

Players would have to worry about the battery level for the night lights, earthquakes, dreams, daylight. So many things, and the book provides many weapons. I can just see it now, going to the library and meeting a swarm of flyers. Pick your weapon and the prize is finding the hidden supply of fancy guns. Well, actually the prize is surviving.

As I read further into section two, the book took on a frenetic pace. When we first meet the people without stars, things are accepted, but by the end the pace picks up just as the craziness picks up.

To me the flyers seemed more open to Amy's commands the further they were in creation from the original 12. I see them like a xerox copy: The first copy looks good, but once you start making a copy from the copy and so on these later copies get a little fuzzy. You can still see the original but it is not as sharp. Could Amy get these flyers to listen to her instead of the original 12?

All of this could make a great post-apocalyptic video game. I'm ready to play.

By RaeganReadz

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