Shocker! "Bachelor" Jake Pavelka splits from Vienna Girardi

The couple got engaged on the finale of the ABC show's last season. Spokesman for the show requests "privacy"

By Christine Mathias
June 22, 2010 9:23PM (UTC)
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Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka on "The Bachelor"

I know, I know. You're crushed by the end of the storybook romance that was Jake and Vienna. They were meant for each other, it was destiny, it was the perfect union of two fame-chasing, shiny-toothed...nah. 'The Bachelor" has a terrible track record when it comes to forging lasting bonds -- of 14 seasons, only Jason Mesnick is married to his "winner," and they've got plenty of time to screw it up. (Trista and Ryan met on "The Bachelorette," technically.) So color me un-surprised at today's big news. No reason was given for the split, if you were hoping to get some closure. Sniff.

Entertainment Weekly has a couple of ideas about how the erstwhile couple can rebound. E!Online talked to current "Bachelorette" and Pavelka-dumpee Ali Fedotowsky about the possibility of a rekindling. Here's a hint: no. And like i said, there's no word on the "why" of it all, but The Hollywood Gossip doesn't let that stop them from speculating. You can relive the Jake-Vienna lovefest below, if you're the beating-a-dead-horse type.



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