Levi Johnston apologizes to Sarah Palin for "youthful indiscretion"

Bristol Palin's baby-daddy admits some of his post-breakup comments were "not completely true"

Published July 7, 2010 5:08PM (EDT)

Levi Johnston on the cover of Playgirl
Levi Johnston on the cover of Playgirl

The ongoing saga of the Palin family and estranged father of Tripp Levi Johnston continued today when the Alaskan Playgirl model publicly apologized for his widely reported villification of the ex-governor. Just weeks after rumors circulated about Johnston and ex-girlfriend Bristol Palin getting back together, it looks like he's attempting to make amends for things like telling CBS's "Early Show" that Sarah Palin called her son Trig (who has Down's Syndrome) "retarded." It may take more than one apology.

Johnston's apology has garnered attention from some unlikely places, all stemming from the original People Magazine article in which he states some of his comments were "not completely true." He doesn't elaborate on which slights were factual, however. Chris Good at the Atlantic has a take on the importance of the retraction, and the Daily Caller writes that Johnston and Sarah Palin are both PR geniuses. And if you want the inside scoop from Levi's very own sister, Mercede Johnston tells a very different story of the Palins' control over her brother. Check out the CBS video of Levi's original, nastier "Early Show" interview:


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