Mel Gibson tapes: The complete transcript

Now that a fifth exchange has been released, chances are you've missed something along the way. Let's fix that

Published July 16, 2010 1:34PM (EDT)

FILE - In this Feb. 4, 2010 file photo, Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva arrive at the "Edge Of Darkness"  Premiere in Paris. (AP Photo/Jacques Brinon, file) (AP)
FILE - In this Feb. 4, 2010 file photo, Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva arrive at the "Edge Of Darkness" Premiere in Paris. (AP Photo/Jacques Brinon, file) (AP)

Sure, you've heard about the Mel Gibson tapes. But have you actually experienced them in their entirety? Thursday afternoon, Radar Online released yet another expletive-strewn tirade, bringing the total to five. And for those who have only heard snippets of the jaw-dropping arguments -- or for those who might prefer to read the exchange rather than listen to the rage itself -- we offer the complete, unedited transcripts.

Tape 1 , released July 12, 2010

Mel: (mid sentence) Tell me that's a message or something. Because you're doing something. Trying to breast feed with, uh, fucking foreign bodies in you.

Oksana: So…

M: What, is that it?

O: It has nothing to do with it.

M: Oh, it had nothing to do with what, the fact that you had foreign bodies in there?

O: Correct.

M: Correct. OK good. So you're not lying to me about fake tits.

O: I never have.

M: Yes, yes you just did. You said they weren't. You fucking lied to me, before.

O: What? I didn't.

M: (loud sigh)

O: I never said a wo … I never said anything of a kind. You never asked me, I never told you. Or maybe you asked me, but I never lied about this.

M: Another lie, who cares. So, they look ridiculous, get rid of 'em why don't you? Anyway, uh, you know…

O: It's none of your fucking business what they look like.

M: It is, it is, they look stupid, I'm just telling you, it's just an appraisal. Keep them if you want, look stupid, see if I give a fuck, you know. But they're too big and they look stupid, they look like some Vegas bitch, they look like a Vegas whore. And you go around, sashaying around in your tight clothes, and stuff. I won't stand for that anymore. (unintelligible)

O: I don't, I don't, I don't walk around in tight clothes, I stay at home for most of the time.

M: (heated) Yes you fucking do, you go out in public and it's a fucking embarrassment to me. You look like a fucking bitch in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of niggers it'll be your fault. All right? Because you provoked it. You are provocatively dressed all the time, with your fake boobs, you feel you have to show off in tight outfits and tight pants (garbled) you can see your pussy from behind. And that green thing today was enough. That's provocative. OK? I'm telling you. I'm just telling you the truth! I don't like it. I don't want that woman. I don't want you! I don't believe you anymore. I don't trust you, I don't love you. I don't want you. OK?

O: OK.

M: Stay in the fucking house. I'm not giving it to you, but I'll let you stay there. OK? And I will take care of my child, but I don't want you anymore. 

Tape 2 , released July 13, 2010

O: Yes.

M: Stay on this phone and don't hang up on me, I can, I have plenty of energy to drive over there. You understand me? (Screaming) And I will! So just fucking listen to me! Listen to my fucking ranting! Listen to what you do to me!

O: I didn't do anything to you.

M: (garbled) you in the ass!

O: You are ruining my life.

M: You make my life so fucking difficult.

O: Well, you know what it's …

M: If you'd be a woman who fucking supports me instead of a woman who sucks from me and just fucking sucks me dry, and whines, and whines. (Unintelligible screaming) this relationship if you're a good woman and you love me! I don't believe you anymore!

O: What am I, what did you …

M: I'm sick of your bullshit! Has any relationship ever worked with you? Nooo!

O: Listen to me. You don't love me, because somebody who loves does not behave this way.

M: Shut the fuck up. I know … (cross-talking) because I know absolutely that you do not love me and you treat me with no consideration.

O: One second. One second. Can I please speak?

M: I loved you because I treated you with every kindness, every consideration, you rejected, you will never be happy. Fuck you! Get the fuck away from me. But my daughter is important. All right? Now, you have one more chance, and I mean it. Now fucking go if you want, but I will give you one more chance. (panting) You make me wanna smoke, you fucked my day up, you care about yourself …

O: You are so selfish.

M: I've been so fucking good to you, you fucking try to destroy me.

O: I didn't do anything. I did not do anything. This is your selfish imagination. That's all.

M: (screaming) Shut the fuck up! You should just fucking smile, and blow me! 'Cause I deserve it!

O: I'm, I'm sleeping with the baby, I'm waking up every two hours, I fell asleep because I was waiting for you, because you weren't ready to go to Jacuzzi as we agreed.

M: Who the fuck cares, we agreed nothing. You agreed, you just fucking expect shit. Go out to the goddamn Jacuzzi, go and fuck the fucking Jacuzzi, it's a thing. You have no fucking soul!

O: I don't blame you for anything!

M: And my daughter's screaming (cross-talking) you have no fucking soul. You can't give a fuck (panting) I left my wife because we had no spiritual common ground. You and I have none! Zero! You won't even fucking try. (hyperventilating) You don't care. You don't care.

O: You just enjoy insulting me, that's all.

M: Fuck you, I so fucking do, because you hurt me so bad.

O: I didn't do ... I don't …

M: You insult me with every look, (garbled) every fucking heartbeat you selfish harpy.

O: I did not do anything, and I apologized for nothing.

M: What? What?!

O: Stop it.

M: You apologized for nothing? You're a dishonest cunt! Because you need to apologize for a reason.

O: I wanted to peace. I wanted to have peace.

M: Keep peace.

O: Because you are unbalanced!

M: Well it's not good enough for me, and instinctively, I feel that. And I will not be patronized by you, and your fucking dishonesty and apologizing, you apologize because you know you're wrong.

O: You need medication!

M: That's all I'll accept. And if you will not fucking admit that, get the fuck out! I will make your goddamn life miserable.

O: You need medication.

M: What?! What?!

O: You need medication.

M: I need a woman! Not a fucking little girl with a fucking dysfunctional cunt. I need a fucking woman. (panting) I don't need medication. You need a fucking bat in the side of the head. All right? How 'bout that? You need a fucking doctor. You need a fucking brain transplant. You need a fucking, you need a fucking soul. I need medication. I need someone who treats me like a man, like a human being. With kindness, who understands what gratitude is, because I fucking bend over backwards with my balls in a knot to do it all for her and she gives me shit, like a fucking sour look or says I'm mean. Mean? What the fuck is that? This is mean! Get it? You get it now? What mean is? Get it? (panting) You fucking don't care about me. I'm having a hard time, and you fucking yank the rug, you bitch, you fucking selfish bitch. (panting) Don't you dare hang up on me."

O: I can't listen to this anymore.

M: You hang up, I'm coming over there.

O: I'll call the police.

M: What?

O: I'll call the police.

M: You fucking cunt. I'm coming to my house. You're in my house, honey.

O: Yes, but you, honey, don't call me honey. You just …

M: (screaming) You're in my house! So I'll call the police and tell them there's someone in my house. How 'bout that?

O: You can do that. That's fine.

M: Fuck you. I don't, I don't involve the police in anything because I can stand up for myself. You, you weak cunt, you call the fucking cops.

O: Then I will go to Alyssia's right now.

M: Why don't you fuck off to that cunt bitch Alyssia's. She was fucking making eyes at me, she'd have sucked me in five seconds. Take that one up with her. I was trying to spare your goddamn feelings! She'd have blown me in five seconds, she's not your friend. You don't have any fucking friends except for me. And you treat me like shit. So that's why you're so fucking angry, because I don't have any friends and I try to make one for you and you treat me like shit. And you fucking use me. The career is over, and boy when I said that you lit out of here faster than I've ever seen you before and now you'll be at Alyssia's place. You just showed me what you are. Absolutely, unequivocally …

O: I don't care if you don't spend another penny …

M: Fucking perfect, I believe it now …

O: Listen, listen …

M: (cross-talk) …flaunt your ass …

O: Listen to me, Mel.

M: What?

O: I don't give a damn if you don't spend another penny on me.

M: Oh yes you do because (unintelligible, both of them yelling) ...

O: I'm just fearing for the life of my daughter.

M: … you'll find some other fucker to pay for you.

O: Listen to me, listen to me.

M: Then leave, cunt, bitch, golddigger, cunt, whore. And that's what you are.

O: Listen.

M: And you have just proved it. You got out of here in record time.

O: (yelling) Because I'm saving my life, and I'm saving daughter's life. That's what I'm doing. I don't give a damn about my music, and I don't give a damn if you spend another penny, I'm saving her life.

M: (garbled) … awful angry …

O: You almost killed us, did you forget?

M: (making fake crying noises) The last three years have been a fucking gravy train for you.

O: (angry) You were hitting a woman with a child in her hands. You. What kind of a man is that? Hitting a woman when she's holding a child in her hands? Breaking her teeth, twice, in the face, what kind of man is that?"

M: (sarcastically) Mmm, ooh, you're all angry now …

O: You're going to get to, you know what?

M: You fucking deserved it.

O: You're going to answer, one day, boy, you're going to answer.

M: Huh?

O: There.

M: What, what? What are you threatening me?

O: Nothing, nothing. I'm not the one to threaten.

M: I'm threatening, I'll put you in a fucking rose garden, you cunt. You understand that? 'Cause I'm capable of it. You understand that? Get a fucking restraining order. For what? What are you going to get a restraining order for? For me being drunk and disorderly? For hitting you? For what?

Tape 3 , released July 14, 2010

M: Um, don't hire (name omitted) to come there, OK? Did you get that message?

O: Well, I'll pay her myself, I found her, she's my dentist's ex-babysitter.

M: I've been paying her. It's my money that she gets paid with. I'm her employer. Not you. You found her. I'm her employer.

O: Fine, but I, I, if I need to use her I will use her I …

M: … because I will not pay her if you bring her to your house. I will fire her, and I will do it fast.

O: OK then I'll pay her, because I need her, she's good.

M: No! You're paying her with my money. It doesn't matter what you give her, it's my fucking money. You understand? You're not … you don't have your own money, you're only using my money. OK?

O: Because you made me moneyless. I used to have hundred thousand dollars a year when you met me. You took me. You possessed me. Everything I am, you own me with my liver and my kidneys and my thoughts and my soul (getting angry) everything! My career, whatever it is, pathetic career, whatever it is, is yours. You control me like marionette. I don't belong to myself, only to you. I can't do anything and I walk on eggshells always, with you."

M: That's because you're a fucking using whore. Now. I own you! Do not use (name omitted) at your house. I have warned you, she will be fired if she goes to your house. You find that cunt (name omitted) and you find some other money that's not mine. OK?

O: No, I'm using (name omitted), A. B …

M: She's fired, do you understand that?

O: Fine, she's fired.

M: So fire her! Because I won't pay her!

O: OK, don't pay her.

M: And I will fire her!

O: That's OK.

M: She only works at my house!

O: Well, she has nothing to do with your house. Baby's here.

M: The baby should be here, and she should work at my house.

O: The baby is where I am. You're insane.

M: The baby will not be there for long. I will fire (name omitted) if she is at your house. I will make it known and fire her.

O: Fine.

M: I'll report her to the fucking people who take fucking money from the wetbacks, OK?

O: Mel. You can't just take a woman who gives you a child, who gives you the entire life, you drag her through god-knows-what, bad press … I've never had a bad word said about me in my entire life …

M: A cunt (unintelligible)

O: (yelling) And then, and then you telling me that you take away whatever pennies you just given to me? I don't have anything because I've given you my life! Three years, now!

M: I've given you everything, don't you dare fucking complain to me. How fucking dare you. You don't fucking count. You're a fucking using whore.

O: What did I use you for? I've given you everything I had.

M: Every-fucking-thing!

O: I've given you everything! I've been your woman, I've given your child, what the fuck are you talking about?

M: (garbled) … bitch. That's all.You would've done it for any fucking (name omitted) you probably fucked (name omitted).

O: Wow.

M: I know you did. That fucking ass.

O: I swear in front of God I never have.

M: Fuck an ugly man, you don't give a fuck, so long as they pay your fucking rent.

O: I am not a whore, and I am not a bitch …

M: (screaming) Are so!

O: … and I am not a cunt, and I am not a user, and I am not a thief, I'm not all those words, and I am not a liar. All this, all this lies …

M: ... what I said (unintelligible cross-yelling) ...

O: … lies. I am not a whore, a cunt, a thief, or prostitute, or anything that you call me. Nor a user, not a golddigger. I don't have any money or any property assigned to me. That's a golddigger for you? Ar you insane? Yes you are, of course, we can hear that.

M: You bitch, you get everything you want.

O: Don't call me a bitch. Don't call me …

M: You get everything you want.

O: You have no right. I don't have a penny to me.What kind of golddigging, what kind of golddigging whore is this?

M: Oh, god, cry, poor (garbled), you could go through money like a fucking whore. You want the fucking dress, you want the tickets, you want the fucking equipment. Funny how it went from 33 to 43 …

O: (sigh) Mel ... (cross-talking)

M: … 12,000 dollars …

O: Mel, the equipment is instead of payment. If you hire any composer you'll have to pay 200,000 plus.

M: (screaming) I don't have to! I can do it for nothing! I don't need you, and I don't want you doing it, and I don't think you can do it. All right?

O: Fine.

M: That's how little I think of your fucking talent.

O: Well, it's clear now. Every, it's all coming out now.

M: It's all fucking true.

O: Yeah.

M: Fuck you,m you're a fucking whore (unintelligible) ...

O: I think you just, I think you just, all you want to do is just shove me in a hole, and sit me at home, so much for your promise 'I want to let you fly,' it's such bullshit. It's such arrogant bullshit. You never meant to do that.

M: I'm letting you fly now, cunt!

O: What?

M: Fly away!

O: What?

M: I gave you every fucking opportunity (garbled) ...

O: I've done extremely well, but nobody asked you to spend so much money on the videos and everything. And why do you count the food out of my mouth? Why do you do that? I live with you. I gave you a baby. We're together. And you're counting that and summing it all up? Why do you not separate those two? If you count the food in my mouth, why don't you separate it? How about you giving me money and I'm feeding you and going shopping all the time and buying you extravagant presents.

M: (screeching) What are you talking about, you fragging ignorant bitch? I don't understand you! You're saying stupid shit. How dare you even fucking insult me with some of the stupid reasoning you have. Your logic sucks because you're a fucking mentally deprived idiot! You can't even fucking figure out …

O: OK. I have to go to the baby …

M: (unintelligible) ... the tax money is on the credit cards. Don't you get it?

O: Goodbye Mel.The baby is crying, I have to go.

M: Go look after my child.

O: She's my child too.

M: Yeah, I know, unfortunately you cunt whore. I hope she doesn't turn out like you.

Tape 4, released July 15, 2010

M: (screaming, unintelligible) … idea! What the fuck do you hope to accomplish with that? What are you hoping to accomplish with that? What are you gonna pay me back? If you do that, it's over! (panting) It's over now! Fuck you! How dare you act like such a bitch when I've been so fucking nice?

O: I did not blame you.

M: You said I was mean. You were fucking annoyed at me. For what reason? I did nothing but be nice to you!

O: What?

M: I've done nothing but be nice to you.

O: I didn't blame you last night.

M: Then what were you a little bitch this morning for?

O: I wasn't, I wasn't doing anything!

M: (panting) What did I do? And you said 'oh, earlier today, you, oh, nevermind.' What the fuck were you gonna say?"

O: I wasn't going to say, any, earlier today. It's just, I was gonna say about last night, that's all …

M: (hyperventilating, then in a low voice) Why, because I let you sleep? (then, yelling) That's my fucking mistake, because I should've woke you up and said, 'fucking blow me, bitch.' I should've fucking woken you up and said 'blow me.' You would've liked that better, yeah? You needed the goddamn sleep.

O: We were supposed to go to Jacuzzi, and you said 'you have to wait for something.'

M: (screaming) So what if you had to wait?

O: You said …

M: Then you go to the goddamn Jacuzzi!

O: I'm, I'm afraid, it's dark outside.

M: Fuck it.

O: I just waited for you, I waited and waited until I fell asleep. And then …

M: Waited and waited like two and half fucking minutes. You fucking snore. (garbled) awake. You're blaming me right now! Now I'm blaming you! You went to sleep and didn't blow me!

O: (unintelligible) ... later …

M: I deserve to be blown, first, before the fucking Jacuzzi! OK? I'll burn the goddamn house down, but blow me first! (screaming) How dare you!! How fucking dare you. (panting) Rerrrggghh!! You wanted the number of my therapist? Don't you ever speak to him! Find your own goddamn therapist. (panting) Because you got problems, more than me.

O: You need medication.

M: You know how to fucking push my buttons. And it is not going to work with us. It's not! I can't get like this anymore! (panting) And you know you're doing it! And you're a liar, you're dishonest, and you're fucked up. So you stay the fuck away from me. Take care of your fucking son. And I'd better have my daughter. (panting) I just want my daughter, and a maid! It's a lot less fucking trouble. The clean up after themselves, they make your goddamn bed, which you did not, you don't have to worry about emotional blackmail, or any of that other bullshit you put me through. I just need a nice woman to look after my beautiful daughter. And I don't (garbled) fucking (garbled, panting). You're a pain in the ass! You're a pain in my ass! Stop being that! (panting) You're a pain in my ass. Nothing b … (tape ends)

Tape 5, released July 15, 2010

M: You fucking offend me. And you don't care about anyone but yourself, and your fucking stupid fucking failed career. And it's ruined us. Because you fucking can't, fucking, you wanted that dress? I can't believe you asked for that. And the tickets, in the Lakers box? I got rid of the box, now nobody gets tickets because of you. I had to sell the motherfucker!

O: Why is it because of me? What kind of bullshit is this?

M: (screaming) I sold it because of you, I don't have any fucking money! I have to support you, and everybody else. I have to sell paintings …

O: Well maybe it's because of them…

M: … my box, at the Lakers game …

O: Well maybe it's because of others that you sold it, why are you blaming it on me? (cross-talking)

M: … you asked for that, when you know what kind of trouble I'm in.

O: I've never used your box. Never once did I ask you. This is the first time, because your relationship with Sasha is so fucked up because of your violence. I was trying to make amends. With, between you and him. Not make amends, be a diplomat.

M: I just thought I'd tell you that the box is gone because of you.

O: Not because of me, because you have to feed an army! Why is it because of me? What kind of bullshit is this?

M: (screaming) Because I spent too much goddamn money on you! And my wife knows, it's you!

O: How much money do you spend on me? You don't spend more on me than anybody else.

M: I spent more than 5 million dollars on you! (garbled)

O: That's not on me, and that was, that was signed, I was signed …

M: (screaming) Say thank you!

O: That was signed to the record label.

M: Say thank you now!

O: I always said thank you.

M: (growling) You … no, right now! Because I doubt you!

O: I know you doubt me. I, I don't care anymore.

M: You're fucking gouging me.

O: I don't care anymore, OK? I don't want you either. That's it.

M: Good! That makes it real clear, that was so easy, the minute I pulled the plug, you're out of here. You can't handle it, because you're a whore and a bitch.

O: No, I'm, I'm saving … (cross-talking) I can't be with somebody like this! You don't love me …

M: I'll take care of the child …

O: You don't love me, this is not, this is not somebody who loves me, this is some … completely off-balance person, who absolutely hates me. Why do you hate me so much, what did I do to you? Everything you say about me is bullshit.

M: (screeching) You! Used me, and you're telling me and proving to me what you are …

O: (angry) It's bullshit! Bullshit! And I only left to save … it's bullshit.

M: (garbled) ... fucking used. You fucking used me, and I will never forgive you. (panting) I will never forgive you for what you've done to me! You fucking bitch!

O: You ruined my life, and you didn't give me a penny.

M: (growling) You. Ruined. Mine. First! I ruined your life. How did I ruin your life? I gave you shit, you gave me nothing but fucking grief. Alright? And bad publicity, you cunt! How did I ruin your life?

O: You destroyed my reputation and you're the meanest person I know.

M: I did not destroy it, because that shit is true.

O: (sigh) You're the meanest person.

M: What?

O: You are very mean.

M: Yeah, you know what mean is now, don't ya?

O: You've always been.

M: So don't call me mean when I've been nice to you … (cross-talking)

O: You're very jealous, and you're very mean.

M: … 'cause I'd like to show you what mean really is, bitch, cunt, whore, golddigger. All true! You fucking proved it to me! If you're ever interested in proving otherwise, let me know. If you don't care, I'll know you know what you are too. Look at yourself, and look what you've done. Look what you've fucking done. Look at your son. He's a fucking mess. You fucking excuse for a mother. You're a fucking bitch.

O: You're the worst father I ever met. Bye.


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