Bill Bennett will save our children from "sexting"

The former education secretary endorses a new website that will filter your child's text messages (for a fee)

Published August 12, 2010 3:45PM (EDT)

Bill Bennett
Bill Bennett

Former education secretary, drug czar, and gambling addict Bill Bennett has set his sights on the single greatest threat to our children today: Sexting.

Did you know that literally every child in the nation is "sexting" nude pictures of themselves to other children at this very moment? Thankfully, Bennett's new business partners have finally come up with a solution to this epidemic of digital immorality. All you have to do is pay Bennett between $13.00 and $25.00 a month for access to a web service that will monitor who your children are sexting with and alert you if they use sexy words in their text messages.

The site is called "," and the logo is this super-cool tween mouse that looks all sassy and is holding a soccer ball, because the kids these days play soccer.

Apparently you set up your MouseMail account and then approve a contacts list for your child, to make sue that sexual predators and that harlot down the block are not emailing your child without your permission. Here is how it works: MouseMail intercepts messages "deemed inappropriate" and sends them to the parent for approval before the child receives them. It also will somehow stop "cyber bullying."

(But the mobile service only seems to work with a BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android phone -- so if your kid has a regular phone, he or she may sext to his or her heart's content.)

Bennett talked to the National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez, who asks if kids should even have phones, and wonders if "the Internet is a dangerous thing for families."

It may be, but it is also a wonderful place to make money off the fears of National Review-reading parents.

By Alex Pareene

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