Police: Woman gives son to stranger on bus

A Pittsburgh resident is facing charges for leaving her 6-year-old while she was being arrested for shoplifting

By Associated Press
August 23, 2010 11:45PM (UTC)
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A Pittsburgh woman faces charges after she allegedly left her 6-year-old son with a stranger on board a bus while she was being arrested on a shoplifting charge. Police said Portia Scoggins had two children with her Friday when she boarded a bus after taking items from a pharmacy, but just one when they pulled it over and arrested her.

Officers said Scoggins left the older child on board, giving a stranger the address for one of the boy's friends and instructions to drop him off there.


Police later learned the boy had been on the bus and found him at the address Scoggins supplied to the stranger.

Online court records don't detail the charges against Scoggins. A phone listing for her could not be located Monday.

The children are in the custody of county social workers.

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