Not again: Video shows woman throwing puppies into a river

Police, PETA and forum users search the globe for the Web's new Cruella De Vil

Published September 1, 2010 10:25PM (EDT)

The "cat-bin lady" must be breathing a sigh of relief about now, because a recently leaked video makes her look like Dr. Doolittle in comparison.

The culprit this time is a young woman who gleefully tosses yelping puppies from a bucket into a river. The content of the video is so disturbing that the girl or woman is now being sought out by users of the popular Internet forum 4Chan, who previously outed the cat-bin lady. Some sleuthing helped uncover the location: the Vrbas River in Bugojno, Bosnia. Bosnian police are now hot on the puppy tosser's trail, and PETA has offered a $2,000 reward to anyone who can uncover her identity. Isn't it nice to know Osama bin Laden can release several videos over a decade and remain hidden, while someone who practices her pitching with puppies -- horrible though it may be -- sparks a worldwide manhunt in less than a day? 

The results of 4Chan's investigation so far are posted on an image board, which includes such comments as, "i've never wanted to kill a girl as much i have when i saw that video." PC World reports more on the story, and delves into 4Chan's history of Internet vigilantism. Lemondrop suspects this video might be a hoax, capitalizing on the notoriety of the cat-bin lady. Good question, but unless Bosnia has developed state of the art robo-puppies, that tossing looks pretty real. The details of the video are still under investigation, but Infocuts reports the girl's name is Katja Puschnik. Better start running, Katja! She's already posted an apology video, according to CNET. YouTube has removed the original video from its site, but Liveleak still has it posted, if you dare to look. 

By Christopher Hickey

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