The business of breakups

A new service offers to help women through that trying time by sending flowers, chocolates and you-go-girl texts

Published September 3, 2010 9:04PM (EDT)

Sometimes, I feel like an alien on the planet Woman -- and today brought a perfect example of that. Thanks to the Globe and Mail, I came across Pink Kisses, a new website offering women help getting through breakups. The premise is fine, but then comes all the "girrrrrrrl" and "goddess" talk. The actual services on offer come in a series of "bundles" categorized by the four types of women in the world: classy, sassy, feisty and "I want it all." (In other words: Are you a Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha or a Carrie?)

For $272, you can receive a "super goddess action plan," a bouquet of flowers, two life coaching sessions, "better than sex" truffles and two weeks of you-go-girl text messages (e.g.,"You're a lady deserving of an enchanted existence" and "Supergirl, you can move mountains"). You also have the option of uploading a photo of your ex's face and watching "his picture burn with our awesome virtual flames" and creating your very own inspirational poster. These clichés also come in smaller, more affordable packages.

You know what? To each her own, truly. I'm just not sure I understand the emotional benefit of paying to have a stranger send you generic and impersonal cheerleading text messages. It's nice that the site allows you to buy the packages for other people, but it's unclear why a supportive friend wouldn't just bother to write those text messages herself. Ladies, a piece of advice: Friendship is free.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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