Roundup: Men influence birth control use

Also: "The menaissance" returns, the Times' obit section creeps toward equality and more

Published September 11, 2010 12:30AM (EDT)

  • A study reports that young women are more than twice as likely to consistently use a contraceptive method if their male partner believes strongly in birth control.
  • The Culture of Life Foundation argues that a marriage cannot be consummated through "contraceptive intercourse." Does that mean premarital sex is OK if protection is used?
  • Welcome to "the menaissance," yet again.
  • On a related note -- or in total contradiction, I can't decide -- Details declares Jon Hamm to be "The Last Alpha Male."
  • It seems the New York Times has listened to criticism about the gender disparity in its coverage of notable deaths. That's right: The obituary section, now with more women.
  • Something to file under Baby Steps: Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi declares that young women do not need their father's permission to be married -- as long as other members of the family approve.
  • The Daily Beast delivers some "home-birth horror stories" -- because apparently this is the week of Labor Stories From Hell.
  • Jezebel delivers the headline of the day: "Penises Grow On Female Snails' Heads After Chemical Exposure."
  • Beekeeping lessons are giving women hope in Afghanistan. (This cheery item comes courtesy of a friend who tells me: "You've been so depressing lately.")
  • Gloria Steinem brings depressing news (so I don't have to) by predicting that the fight for equality "will take another century and a half."

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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