Accident kills Maryland Green Party Senate candidate

Natasha Pettigrew is hit by an SUV while riding her bike. Police say the driver continued to drive for four miles

Published September 21, 2010 6:09PM (EDT)

A Green Party candidate running for U.S. Senate in Maryland has died after being hit by an SUV while riding her bike.

Maryland State Police say 30-year-old Natasha Pettigrew died early Tuesday. She was hit by an SUV in Prince George's County early Sunday.

Police say the woman driving the Cadillac Escalade that hit Pettigrew kept driving nearly four miles to her home, even though the bicycle was still lodged underneath the vehicle.

Police say the woman thought she hit a deer or a dog and didn't want to stop in the early morning hours. When she and her husband found the bicycle under the SUV, they called police.

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