Sometimes feminists are actually funny

A new Web comedy series plays Etsy-loving, patriarchy-hating third-wavers for laughs -- and it works!

By Tracy Clark-Flory
October 5, 2010 11:55PM (UTC)
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We feminists have a reputation for being humorless killjoys with an inability to laugh at ourselves. Let me state for the record, however, that I laughed -- and hard -- when I saw the previews for a new Web comedy series that pokes fun at third-wave feminist hipsters like myself.

The premise of the show, which premieres tonight during a live event at New York's Upright Citizen's Brigade, is that a bunch of "Bitch"-reading young urbanites buy a fashion magazine with their proceeds from selling reusable cloth menstrual pads on Etsy. They rename it "Vag Magazine" and struggle to produce feminist fashion features. (Ensembles that don't make the editorial cut inspire zingers like, "You look like a tool ... of the patriarchy.") A trailer for the show features a debate over what constitutes a feminist skirt (hint: vintage is a must and maritime motifs also help).


Check out the video below -- that is, if you aren't too busy sewing a felt uterus, baking ironic cupcakes or making a feminist terrarium. (Via The Gloss.)

Vag Magazine Teaser 2 from Vag Magazine on Vimeo.

Tracy Clark-Flory

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