Memphis teen shot in the butt over sagging pants

Angry about two kids' drooping trousers, a 45-year-old man shoots one in the buttocks during an argument

By Associated Press
Published October 5, 2010 10:56PM (UTC)
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Police say a 45-year-old Memphis man angry over two teens' sagging pants shot one in the buttocks during an argument. He faces aggravated assault charges.

The boys were walking through a southeast Memphis neighborhood when Kenneth E. Bonds yelled at them to pull up their pants, according to an arrest document.


Police Sgt. Ron Perry said the teens refused and the three began arguing in the street. Bonds then brandished a semi-automatic pistol and threatened to shoot the teens.

Perry said Bonds fired several shots and hit one of the teens as the pair ran away. The teen's wound wasn't critical. The other wasn't injured in the Sept. 25 shooting first reported by The Commercial Appeal in Memphis.

A court clerk says it's not clear if Bonds had a lawyer.

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