Nevada Tea Party chairman quits after tape flap

Syd James says he is "disillusioned" with candidate Scott Ashjian, now supports Sharron Angle

By Associated Press
Published October 5, 2010 8:10PM (UTC)
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The chairman of the Nevada Tea Party has resigned after a recording was made public capturing Republican Sharron Angle badmouthing GOP leaders during a meeting with a minor U.S. Senate candidate.

Syd James said Tuesday he was "disillusioned" that tea party candidate Scott Ashjian released the recording.


James says he quit his party post and now supports Angle.

In the recording, Angle cajoles Ashjian to drop out of the race and support her bid to oust Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Angle is a tea party favorite. She says on the tape obtained by the Las Vegas Sun that the GOP has drifted from principles of low taxes and small government.


James says he set up the meeting to persuade Ashjian to withdraw.


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