Roundup: The Christine O'Donnell witch doll

Also: Why you shouldn't be surprised to see fewer women in Congress next year

By Tracy Clark-Flory
October 6, 2010 4:10AM (UTC)
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  • Twenty women's designers create pink high-end chairs to benefit breast cancer research (and one of them resembles either a torture device or a literal sex machine, depending on your perspective).
  • Two women testify that they would not have had unprotected sex with airman David Gutierrez if they had known he was HIV-positive.
  • Bayer invests $300 million in the latest drug researchers hope will turn out to be "female Viagra."
  • Former sex workers protest the Ontario Superior Court ruling striking down Canada's prostitution laws, claiming that it will make women more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.
  • Mother Jones explains why you should expect to see fewer women in Congress next year.
  • The Christine O'Donnell witch doll hits the market -- and gives all the people who dressed like Sarah Palin in recent years some easy Halloween costume inspiration.

Tracy Clark-Flory

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