Rick Sanchez apologizes to Jon Stewart

Comedy Central declines to confirm whether the two have spoken since the fired CNN host's radio outburst

By Associated Press
Published October 7, 2010 1:01AM (UTC)
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Fired CNN host Rick Sanchez has apologized to Jon Stewart and anyone else he offended with what he calls "inartful comments" he made during a radio interview.

Sanchez issued a blanket statement Wednesday, five days after he was fired from CNN for his remarks, including branding Stewart a bigot and questioning whether Jews should be considered a minority.

In Sanchez's statement, he said he had had a "very good conversation" on Monday with Stewart, who anchors the satirical "Daily Show" on Comedy Central.

Sanchez also says he has highest regards for CNN, his employer for six years.

Comedy Central declined to confirm Wednesday whether Stewart and Sanchez have spoken since Sanchez's radio outbursts last week.


Comedy Central is owned by Viacom.




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