Report says U.S. bomb-sniffing dogs are poorly trained

Inspector general says canines in Iraq are not being properly tested for scents commonly found in explosives

By Richard Lardner
October 8, 2010 11:04PM (UTC)
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The State Department's inspector general says bomb-sniffing dogs used in Afghanistan and Iraq aren't being tested properly and may not be able to effectively detect explosives.

In a report released Friday, the inspector general said its review found that the companies hired to supply and train the dogs weren't testing them for all of the scents of the most commonly encountered explosives, increasing the chance of a dog missing a bomb in a vehicle or luggage. That puts U.S. troops at risk.


The companies also used expired or contaminated materials for the scent tests.

In comments printed in the report, the department's Bureau of Diplomatic Security says it is taking steps to improve the canine program and plans to hire a contractor that will ensure all the contract requirements are met.

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