The Rick Sanchez rehab tour begins

In his first interview since being fired by CNN, the anchor offers a partial apology

By Maxwell Strachan
October 8, 2010 9:25PM (UTC)
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Rick Sanchez

A week after CNN fired Rick Sanchez in the wake of his comments about the number of Jews in top media positions (and his claim that Jon Stewart is "a bigot"), the anchorman sat for his first televised interview today, with "Good Morning, America's" George Stephanopoulos.

Sanchez was contrite at times, but stopped short of a full retraction.


“What I was feeling got in the way of what I should have done,” said Sanchez. "If you look at the landscape in our media in primetime," he explained, "there’s not a single Hispanic, there’s not a single African-American."

Full video is here:

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