Chile leader tells mom her son will be first out

President Sebastian Pinera tells the mother of Florencio Avalos that he will be the first to be rescued

By Michael Warren
Published October 13, 2010 1:25AM (UTC)
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The president of Chile has made it official, telling the mother of Florencio Avalos that he'll be the first of 33 men to be rescued from the collapsed mine where they've been trapped for 69 days

His mother, Maria Silva, says he's not surprised he was chosen and that she's very proud of him.

President Sebastian Pinera teased the journalists gathered on a viewing platform to await the rescue, saying he's pretty sure the first one out will have the last name of Avalos.

There are three men with that name trapped below.

Florencio's mom confirmed to The Associated Press that Pinera himself told her it would be her son.

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