Joe Miller defends his goon squad

The Alaska GOP candidate hits Fox to blame the "blogger" who made those guards handcuff him

Published October 18, 2010 10:30PM (EDT)

Joe Miller sort of explained on Fox today why his hired goons handcuffed a local reporter yesterday at a town-hall meeting. Tony Hopfinger of Alaska Dispatch was taping the event and wanted to ask Miller a question about Miller's employment at the Fairbanks North Star Borough, which ended under mysterious circumstances. So they cuffed him.

Miller's private security firm, "DropZone," has already claimed Hopfinger had gotten overly aggressive. Miller told Neil Cavuto that Hopfinger even followed him into the bathroom, which obviously justifies forced detention.

Please note that Miller keeps calling Hopfinger a "blogger," which is, I think, supposed to discredit him. Tony Hopfinger's Alaska Dispatch is an online publication, yes, but it's not quite one man's blog. It's a large, for-profit enterprise staffed by a number of newspaper and TV and alt-weekly veterans.

But, yes, "hounding" a candidate with a Flip camera is not yet a crime. And Fox would be pretty outraged if some Democrat did this to that little twerp James O'Keefe, or something.

By Alex Pareene

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